About us

CANNA is the producer of nutrients and growth mediums for growing fast-growing plants.

The founders of CANNA started growing with great passion in the 1980s. They wanted to share the knowledge they gained with other growers. Every CANNA product is made with love to achieve the best possible result when using a specific culture medium or method. The secret of CANNA can be found in a carefully balanced and integrated mix of the best main and trace elements for every food and medium combination.

CANNA stands for quality and believes in the power that you can organize your life the way you want. In addition, CANNA wants to create global awareness for a more sustainable way of life. Conservation of nature plays an important role here because of our belief in the power of nature.

Due to the increasing demand for our quality clothing and articles, we have started a merchandise webshop. In addition to all kinds of accessories and cool gadgets, we also offer clothing, often made from organic cotton. This cotton is less harmful to the environment and therefore no pesticides or genetically modified raw materials are used. Want to know more about CANNA? Then take a look at www.canna.nl