Would you like to grow organically? BIOCANNA fertilizers are completely organic and vegan and ensure rapid, healthy and vigorous growth of your crop.

More and more people are starting to grow their own vegetables, fruit and herbs. However, not all of us are born with a green thumb. To make growing plants easy for everyone, BIOCANNA has developed the Easybox: The perfect start for the small grower.

Content Easybox:
BIOCANNA Bio Vega (250ml)
BIOCANNA Bio Flores (250ml)

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        • BIOCANNA protects the production process of the raw materials for the perfect final product. So you are assured of the best results.

        • BIOCANNA nutrients are plant-based, specially developed for cultivation in potting soil. The big advantage is that the composition of the product is     
            better tailored to the needs of the plant.

        • An additional advantage of the composition is that the product cannot contain animal organisms, such as influenza viruses (bird flu for example), which         can be harmful to health.

        • BIOCANNA products are directly absorbable and stimulate the plant's metabolism and resistance. In addition, they improve soil quality and biodiversity.

        • BIOCANNA fertilisers are not only CU Int. certified, but also have the exact right preparation method, preventing nutrient overdose.


    BIOCANNA Bio Vega (250ml)

    BIOCANNA Bio flores (250ml)