Do you want a healthy and extensive root system? CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a powerful algae-based vegetative stimulator for plant roots. RHIZOTONIC stimulates root growth and contains several vitamins and is 100% natural. RHIZOTONIC contains more than 60 microbiological substances that significantly accelerate the growth of a balanced root environment.

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Product information
CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a powerful algae based root stimulator. White and strong roots form faster, especially when the roots are vulnerable during germination or after repotting. It is suitable for any medium.


Stimulates root growth
CANNA RHIZOTONIC has a vitalizing effect on root growth and stimulates new root growth on cuttings. The various trace elements and vitamins such as B1 & B2 stimulate the production of hormones and root growth, giving the plant beautiful, strong white roots. This allows the plant to develop well and the plant is less susceptible to diseases. This is especially important during the first weeks of a plant's life, as young plants are most vulnerable.

Reduces stress
Transporting, potting, pruning: any major change can cause stress. A stress situation causes stagnating growth and lowered resistance. Often the plant quickly looks unhealthy. By administering CANNA RHIZOTONIC, with the nutrient water or by foliar spraying, the plant can recover quickly. Growth often resumes almost immediately.

Natural defense
CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a plant extract based on mineral-rich algae from the Arctic Ocean. The substances from these algae are very similar to the growth and defense substances of a fast-growing plant. The additive contains carbohydrates that support the natural defense at the cellular level. In total, RHIZOTONIC contains more than sixty bioactive ingredients.

Immediately absorbable, always applicable

CANNA RHIZOTONIC is immediately absorbable and leaves no residue behind. RHIZOTONIC can be used regardless of the media type. It is suitable for cultivation in potting soil, coco and hydroponics. You can use it throughout the growing cycle. From seed to harvest.

Tips for using RHIZOTONIC

  •  With the right pH, the plant can make optimal use of the nutrients. If the pH of the feed water is slightly too low, it can be raised to the desired pH with CANNA RHIZOTONIC.

  •  CANNA RHIZOTONIC is often sprayed onto leaves via foliar spraying.

  • If you dilute CANNA RHIZOTONIC (40 ml/litre), you can use it to soak seeds. RHIZOTONIC softens the seed coat, making it easier for the seed to germinate.


  •  Shake the bottle well before use.

  • Start using CANNA RHIZOTONIC as soon as the first roots of the plant become visible.

  • Dissolve 40 ml of CANNA RHIZOTONIC in 10 liters of tap water (1:250).

  • Do not use nutrients on unhealthy plants or plants under stress, but only CANNA RHIZOTONIC (± 3 to 5 days).

  • Dosage 40 ml on 10 liters of tap water and a pH value of 6.0. CANNA RHIZOTONIC works optimally at low EC values.

  • Apply this solution to the growing medium 1-6 times daily.

  • When repotting, it is best to pre-treat the growing medium with a CANNA RHIZOTONIC solution.

  • CANNA RHIZOTONIC contains fresh marine algae. For optimum performance, they should not be exposed to excessive temperatures or light. Only then can a uniform, high-quality product be guaranteed.

  • CANNA RHIZOTONIC can be used on any plant as a foliar spray. Spray the leaves once a week. Dosage 20-40 ml on 10 liters of tap water (1:500) and a pH value of 6.0.

Growing plants

  • Week 1: mix CANNA RHIZOTONIC in the nutrient vessel (optionally with the nutrient solution). Dosage 40 ml on 10 liters of tap water, pH value between 5.5-6.0.

  • Week 2: mix CANNA RHIZOTONIC with the nutrient solution. Dosage 10-20 ml on 10 liters of tap water.

  • From week 3: mix CANNA RHIZOTONIC with the nutrient solution. Dosage 5 ml on 10 liters of tap water.

Other instructions

  • Only start using pH-value additives after CANNA RHIZOTONIC has been added. Using CANNA RHIZOTONIC increases the pH value.

  • Over-fertilizing has a negative effect on nature, the soil and the plant.

  • CANNA RHIZOTONIC is 100% vegetable and is suitable for cultivation in potting soil, coco and hydroponics.

  • Store frost-free, closed and dark.

  • Keep out of reach of children.