CANNA Terra Starterskit

The CANNA Terra Starter Kit is easy to use and therefore ideal for novice growers in soil. The CANNA Terra Starter Kit contains high quality fertilizers and additives for fast, healthy and vigorous growth of your plant. Meet our high-quality nutrients and additives that help you achieve the best results!

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    Product information
    Earth retains certain nutrients. This buffering capacity makes soil ideal for the starting grower. CANNA TERRA is a complete product line that has been specially developed to give the best results when growing in soil, in pots as well as in the ground, indoors and outdoors.

    Within the CANNA TERRA line we offer balanced plant nutrition for the growth phase (Vega) and the flowering phase (Flores). This ensures that your plant is getting the right mix of essential nutrients at all times. CANNA TERRA has been developed to give the best results in combination with our potting soils (CANNA Terra Professional and CANNA Terra Professional Plus).

    The Starter Kit contains a handy instruction leaflet and cultivation schedule.