CANNA Terra Vega

CANNA Terra Vega is a professional fast-acting fertilizer for the growth phase of the plant, specially developed for growing in pots and in open ground. Terra Vega makes your plant stronger and healthier and is an ideal preparation for the flowering phase.

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CANNA Terra Vega is a professional fast-acting fertilizer, it contains all the essential elements that the plant needs during the growth phase. Terra Vega stimulates strong plants with large vital shoots and lush root development. It has been specially developed for growing in pots and open ground, both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of CANNA Terra Vega

  •  CANNA Terra Vega ensures a strong plant with large, vital shoots and lush root development. This is the basis for a healthy, strong plant, ready for vigorous flowering.

  • CANNA Terra Vega guarantees complete absorption of water and nutrients from the start of cultivation. This is because Terra Vega is rich in nitrogen compounds that can be directly absorbed, high-quality iron chelates and trace elements.

  •  CANNA Terra Vega is easy to use and dissolves instantly.

  • CANNA TERRA food and substrate are matched to each other and therefore give the best possible result.


  • Shake the bottle well before use.

  • Fill the feed vessel with tap water.

  • Dissolve 50 ml of concentrate in 10 liters of tap water (1:200).

  • The EC value of CANNA Terra Vega, dissolved in the tap water, is then between 0.9 – 1.6 mS (= EC value of the concentrate + EC value of the tap water).

  • Recommended pH value: 5.8 – 6.2.

  • In nutrient-poor soils, add daily with the irrigation water.

  • In nutrient-rich soils, add 1 to 3 times a week with the irrigation water.

  • pH additions are not immediately necessary, because potting soil has a large buffering capacity for the pH value.

  • Use an airy calcareous soil, such as CANNA Terra Professional Plus and water as needed every day.

  •  Switch from CANNA Terra Vega to CANNA Terra Flores as soon as flowering begins.

Other instructions

  • For the flowering phase of the plant, CANNA has developed another fertilizer, Terra Flores.

  •  Store frost-free, closed and dark (UV light breaks down the chelates present in the food).

  • Keep out of reach of children.